My life has been quite an adventure from young boy raised in a humble neighborhood to becoming a teacher, professor, entrepreneur, and government adviser. I share my story in hopes it will inspire you to move forward on the path to achieve your goals!

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Alibaba is expanding its cloud services to include big data analytics.

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The perfect Entrepreneur strategy - upper right hand quadrant- take advantage of lazy (under utilized) assets, all those cars people own, let us turn them all in to taxies!

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Sears does not have an internal entrepreneur, or if they do that activity is being stifled.

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A key to successful in business is respect for others – one way to show respect is to dress professionally.

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Testimonials from John's friends and family

Career Highlights


1963 Going to Yale with everything he owned on a Vespa scooter
1963-1968 Educated at: Yale University (Ph.D.), Yale University (M.S.), Yale College (M. Eng.), Tufts/MIT (B.S.), MIT (Post Doctorate), University of Economics in Prague (Honorary Doctorate Economics)
1967-Present Held faculty and teaching positions at: MIT (tenured), Yale, Tufts Medical School, Harvard, Oxford University, Cambridge University, Texas Tech, and Sorbonne Paris. Teaching over 5,500 students and supervised 51 theses

At MIT, served as a faculty member in Electrical Engineering, Sloan School of Management. Previously served at MIT’s Project MAC, Center for Information Systems Research. At Tufts Medical School, received Faculty Research Award as a Clinical Professor of Pediatrics and as the Director of the Birth Defects Center at Tufts School of Medicine.
1969 Received the MIT 1 Schultz Award for Excellence in Teaching while serving as a Professor at MIT Electrical Engineering Department and Sloan School of Management
1972-Present Authored over 20 books, translated into 14 languages, over 150 publications, and 11 patents. Research contributions in operating systems, business, technology, energy and birth defects.
1990-2012 Silliman College Fellow, Yale University
2010-Present Visiting scholar for joint Harvard University and MIT program*
2015 Professor John J. Donovan at MIT Killian court
2015 Teaching at MIT in building 10 room 10-250
2015 John Reed, Chairman MIT Corporation, Chairman Citi


1980-Present Chairman Cambridge Technology Group*
1981-Present Led over 600 executive seminars in over 72 countries for over 25,000 executives sponsored by AT&T, Oracle, HP, Citi Group, SAP, NCR, Unisys, IBM, Informix, Lawson, Samsung, KPMG, DEC, and Sun
1985-Present Led over 200 workshops for organizations including: Navy, Jacksonville Electric Authority, Grand River Hospital, AGEON, British Petroleum, Unilever, and Saint Joseph University*
2006-Present Member of Scientific Advisory Board at Hamilton Thorne.* (Meg Spencer is the Founder and CEO)


1981-2009 Served as a technology adviser to President Carter, President Reagan, and President George H. W. Bush
2004-Present Received commendations from Jay Lee (CEO Samsung), 12 Governors, Department of Defense, United States Congress, US Senate, American Red Cross, US Navy, US Army, and President George H. W. Bush
2010 Developed JPEN (Protect America) system for DoD with General Keith Kellogg



Trustee, MIT Community Service Fund by MIT President Wiesner with Mary Jo Donovan (the co-host)

1985-Present Benefactor to: Boston Museum of Fine Arts, Harvard, MIT, Yale, Hitchcock Woods Foundation in Aiken, SC, and Sisters of Notre Dame
1985-Present Commendation from American Red Cross for work on birth defects and blood safety. Commendation from Lynn Public School System (Mass) and Town of Hamilton, Mass for charitable work with children.
1990-Present Donated to Town of Pomfret, VT, land for use for Fire Station. Worked with Senator Ted Kennedy on No Child Left Behind legislation.
2013-Present Endowed the Donovan Scholars fellowships at Boston University*

* current activities